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Versuri The Edge Of Love

Written by Billy Burnette and Robb Royer. Well love's an ocean, deep and wide Too big to see the other side What's waiting there for me and you Out in the blue We'll never know until we try It may be a rough and raging sea That goes on for eternity Throw your caution to the wind Sink or swim Just jump in and? (chorus) Let me rock you on the water Where the winds of passion blow If we go drifting out too far We'll follow the brightest star To the edge of love Let me take you to another world Where you an feel the undertow And if that's getting in too deep Just come with me at least To the edge of love Honey, let's just ride the wave And let it carry us away Let your heart just be your guide I'll be there right by your side Don't be afraid We can tell each other's history And leave the rest to mystery We may never understand Hold on tight, take my hand and? (repeat chorus)

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