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Versuri Are You With Me Baby

Written by Billy Burnette and Rafe Van Hoy. Life's too short to go too long like this Forget where you came from or came here with Let's talk some serious business Like just one kiss from your sweet lips (chorus) Are you with me baby We're waistin' precous time Are you with me baby Then put your little hand in mine We're burning moonlight baby Please don't let me down Are you with me now Don't wanna make a scene, Don't wanna cause a big fuss I got a little feeling 'bout the two of us My heart's beatin' hard and it's about to bust Let's leave this party in a cloud of dust? (repeat chorus) (bridge) As far as I can see we got an open road It can go on forever if we choose to go It's not a dream if you believe it's so There's just one thing that I need to know?

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