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Versuri Highway Of Love

Written by Billy Burnette and Rafe Van Hoy. (We'll) keep runnin' 'till we run outta road Keep a rollin' 'till the wheels won't roll Where we're headed Baby no one knows Heaven knows how far we'll go (chorus) We can't stop now We can't look back (No turnin' back) We can't give up It's you and me? On the highway of love Keep it over in the passing lane Thru the dust and the driving rain Thru the eye of a hurricane Movin' on like a fast freight train (repeat chorus) (bridge) We'll leave the past behind Like we're runnin' from the law We gotta take a chance if we're gonna have it all Life's an open road, and time is flying by We're headed out to where forever meets the sky? On the highway of love (repeat chorus)

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