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Versuri Always Wondering Bout You Babe

Written by Billy Burnette. I'm always wondering about you, babe Bout all the times you've walked away And I'll always miss you when you go Cause the way I feel well you just don't know Let's head on down the road together Where the air id clean and there's love and sunny weather We'll hide away in our fields of green by a winding stream In our world of make believe It's just that look that's in your eyes Something about you I idealize I feel as though I'm bout to lose my mind Just trying to catch up but I'm so far behind Although sometimes it seems so very hard For someone like you and me While I'm not knowing which way you are You're too hung up in society I'm not the way you want me to be So I'll leave your way of living quietly And forget all those things I can't give you-babe

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