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Versuri Weakness Shows Its Seed

Weakness Shows Its Seed Lyrics To find myself again, The walls are closing in Everything I make seems to take Buried inside you, Strangers I once knew, When no one would take the blame I put my trust in you, pushed as far as I go and for all reasons there's only one thing you should know Never mind the unseen, clouds fill my head Blind without truth in a word Watching over your steps Weakness sows its seed And I still can't sleep I'm insane underneath your breath, Who was supposed to feel the shame It doesn't feel the same As I feel no pain there's no choice better hear my voice I found escape through dreaming, have I been this before, and then came the pouring rain feeling the reaching over me, my black sky wondering what ever could it be I try to hide away There's no shelter to find I've felt this way before, so insecure cuvinte versurile melodiei descarca muzica straina mp3 versuri Versuri Weakness Shows Its Seed asculta Brainstorm (Metal) melodiei cuvintele.

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