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Versuri Beyond My Destiny

Beyond My Destiny Lyrics Between love and hate! Borders slowly dissolve and somewhere down the line you forget about love and hate. The doors are locked, try to get in, the inner evil always will win, my tools with me, a simple plan, can't understand you'd used the man no suffering with my tongue inside, a torture with a slow decay in the night, electrified, just fade away, nobody ever get's in my way when will we be together, side by side... time to start the feeding it still bites, bites you and me Beyond my destiny, beyond, now suffering, beyond my destiny too far, but my love is real I'm trying not to get out of bed, depression, someone tell me wether I'm dead I dare you to cross this line, I always dared you, but now you're mine no one can see you , no one will know, sinking to an all-time..., all time low I'm crucified, and years gone by when damage has been done, another life and still we are together, side by side can even taste the bleeding, it still shines, shines on you and me you will never give up you will never give in give back my ticket another ride begins

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