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Versuri Cycles

Cycles Lyrics Who do you wanna believe Where do you want me to hide You just can't escape your past A vision from your mind What do you think, and what do you see What do you read in their eyes The promise cast, the hopeful lured Stabbing by the pointed words Make me Help me try to understand Hate me Just because of who I am Over the walls where all your memories are lost forever Hiding in your soul I've seen it all before Into the madness of the unknown now or never Cycles forevermore Why do you tell what you feel Why do trust in the lies High paid thief, another vote Sharpened lies cut your throat Lack of faith and hell awaits Would be my destiny For what you feel is right and sane Instinct stifled be ashamed Leave me Believe me, emotions are running low Break me My hate that always grows Save me Sacrifice me, soon my reign will end Heal me Control me as my tears descend

Album cantece muzica straina melodiei album muzica descarca versuri. Versuri Brainstorm (Metal) cuvinte piesa muzica Cycles.

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