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Face Down Lyrics [Bonus Track] A little bit of love to grow Give me a sign, I need to know I've seen the way you've been stealin' with those eyes When all is said and done, time marches on Here in my deepest dream Running through another scene Any trip I make No matter what it takes. I cannot take the blame for thoughts you send But I can't play the game Around the bend Do you understand why Exploring all the fear you hide head strong I know, that I'll prevail After you left behind all the tears that you've cried face down in my arena you'll fail I'll get my independence free and clear When this day comes I'll disappear Someone take this cold from me Let my mind run free it used to be The trust I had has died all my words been proven lies My senses under siege Ingest the virtues I feel A far, hidden place It makes me feel safe .. Consuming all you can Wealth and stature makes a man So now you know my name Inside my mind I am a man insane my fear, my lust is all you find

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