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Demonsion Lyrics A satanic dimension. Religious groups promise redemption in a new and different world. They tear you away from your family and friends and destroy your soul. There's no reason not to believe in yourself. So long ago, I think it's so far way, so many dreams gone by, but still on my way in different worlds I've been, searched through different times another perfect day I know, again I'll try, this time, I'll have no mercy, don't care who you are, I'll praise the lord I hold my head up to a burning star in fantasies my life makes it hard to complain the demon and the holy ghost teach me how to learn. If I see you next to never Day after day How can we stay together? If you turn me away Demons walk over glass from a thousand mirrors I saw my reflection stare me down Underground, there you'll find that your faith is your fear Dream to fly, reason why now we know it's why we're here Welcome to the third demonsion, now here I am, the innocent are trapped inside others far away in a land so litte hope remains alive I only pray the dreams I leave you will survive I see you now or never Day after day the tears are gone forever, If you turn me away

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