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Barren hills of darkened earth Recollections young and old Butchered, scattered manifold Faded footprints in the snow No demi-wolves with piercing eyes Appear with painted masks of war Now still and calm conquer these hills Where once the rivers flowed with blood In the midst of the shimmering frost Where the tree of the sacred lie dead To defeat all the lies and the tears Hear the galloping ones ride through hell How time forgets this sanguine creek The heaped, the scattered, butchered ones Their voices chanting narratives Their movements hail to ghostly pasts For demi-wolves still roam the skies Coyotes, vultures at their side One thousand horses ebony Ethereal in phantom flight As the chanting of Elders grows fierce And the menacing wolves circle prey To return to those glorious days Hear he galloping ones ride through hell cantece cuvintele muzica cuvinte. Muzica straina melodia asculta descarca versuri versuri album cantece piesa Vestige Hollenthon.

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