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No cypress shades the grave But gentle violets weep with dew Weave on war-torn bones Buried nameless in eternal sands [Chorus:] Sound no trumpet of mourn Forget not the wandering soul One with this brazen earth With vilest of worms to dwell No sunshine reverent But stoic storm clouds soak scarlet ground Wash the bloodstained face Vanished nameless in eternal sands [Repeat Chorus] Losten closely Dreadful and grand The hush of the null and void Slave to fate kings and desperate men Await the splendor Dreadful and grand Lingering shadows undead Slave to fate, kings and desperate men Forget not wandering souls With vilest of worms to dwell versurile cantece album versuri cantece mp3 Hollenthon cantece melodiei. The Calm Before The Storm piesa melodia muzica straina cuvintele cuvintele muzica versuri.

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