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Versuri Lords Of Bedlam

Hordes of rings bear demons of despair Hungry bellows brought by gales Vigils of the night remember well Fear-flung shadows of a lie Herald of War Exiled from light Domination Eagles of ruin A flash of wings Devastation Inching over moors like frenzied fiends Caravans of doom fall in Ravage rampant of massive footstep A gripping dust chokes the sky Scars of wilted wrath Kiss the dying ground Present, future, past Eradicated As darkness dies this hour before encorcelled eyes Visions of fate await the rogue of savage lands The rabid ritual rests on saber, sword and ruin Renounced companions of morning stars at dawn

Lords Of Bedlam versuri descarca muzica straina piesa. asculta melodiei cuvintele melodiei album ultima melodie versuri muzica Hollenthon cuvinte melodiei.

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