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Dowager of wandering empires knocking at death's door Putrid winds carried the voices wailing in the night Solitude of land Europa; battalions ominous Conquest dressed in ivory garb attack from east and west Baleful ballad tragic spews From her lips of lurid blue Infantries of bony vampires draining one by one From the headlands plunge like death-birds;predators descend Prancing, laughing, undertakers don tools of dusky trade Puppeteers in childish play,ghoulish marionettes Baleful ballad tragic spews From her lips of lurid blue In a dream I saw her Drape her cloak from sea to sea In dawn of life she came to flee with lonesome shadows before noon Who dare impede her timely flight or rob of quarry due? The coy, unwilling silent bride; Misery stands by her side The demon mourner bathes in tears of those she left behind

Versurile versuri mp3 versuri muzica straina descarca Hollenthon. Ultima melodie cuvintele cantece Eclipse album melodia.

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