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Condemned to walk the earth alone First a shadow then a sorrow The bitter solace friend and foe Baneful tongues and solemn lore Strokes of death to guide the summons Smoke in wreaths above beguiling Brewing creeping indescence Bursting lights and fearless thunder [Chorus:] Mercenaries Forgotten slain Lords of Bedlam The web of wickedness devours All that's hallowed woe will follow Amidst the cry and lamentation With crooked hands contrives the charm Hence rivers of brume beckon the ancients A troop of echoes forges forward Mouths wide open like ghastly sores Curse the matron, damn the whore ...and the tempest rose with the North wind as the banshee wailed Spewing her venom condemned ...and torrents roared engulfed in flames as the banshee wailed Prophetic of Death's approach [Repeat Chorus]

Versuri melodia asculta mp3 Conspirator muzica piesa. Versuri Hollenthon cuvintele cantece cuvinte muzica straina ultima melodie.

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