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If it ain't live, it ain't me Oh nigga, I'm too deaf to move a step through shards or slip and slide Talk back and you get me for cussin', cuttin', bustin' bustin' me Tried to talk 'em, but they really won't pay it Found nothin',fuck 'em fuck 'em Inside, outside, in a state of an abomination Don't want no confrontations, making me hit you with combinations Kicking in bloodier faces, compilations, occupations Back in hibernation, yeah you suffer with complications Too in to be losin' money, too old to be time wastin' Man, people that don't even listen to rap still buy my tape Only Beats By The Pound gettin' down on the drum Wit' DJ Darryl and Moe, hollywood here we come If what you are reflects your actions, bitch I'm a man Ahh, shut up, I don't wanna here it Cause I'm 'a fade you and your chance You know what you did was despicable I sick of you, they call me Mystikal, cause I'm Unpredictable hook (x2) I said what they thought that I wasn't gonna say I did what they thought that I wasn't gonna do I knew what they really not want me to know, I'm Unpredictable Can't fight it, deny it, you're gonna get lost Sure you can't follow the rhymes that I wrote No one can stop me, uncover my flow I'm Unpredictable Man, until you give it your all, you never will know what can happen From nappy-headed ass Michael, to cold-blooded ass rapper Sometimes the little kids be listenin'to me And I'm tryin' to stop the cursin' Teachin' 'em bad words and then people be gettin' nervous (Oh my God) Calm down, I'm not that type of rapper you'll see Besides, I know some of y'all churn out that cursin' better than me I'm ice-cold baby, I'm zero degrees I'm like a lumberjack, cuttin' MC's like trees Choppin' 'em down, knocking 'em down, locking 'em down Four years, and six months later I'm still on top of the mound Just more powerfully now, on time for that No Limit sound Already know what you gonna say before it come out your mouth Yee got's to stay awake, tidin' y'all no matter whats done Old style-stealing copycat tried to bite and bit his tounge You can't fight that feeling, it's irresistable Never know what I'm 'a do next, I'm Unpredictable hook If you thinking the nigga done rolled with a other they'll take you Nigga you heard wrong Prime Suspects (who?), Mia X, (who?) Mr. Serv-on Oh, you want to ride in my Mercedes But I ain't got no more room in the back (my bad) Whole Gambino Family in their, Kane and Abel and Mac Got C-Murder, Colonel, the Shocker, you don't want none Oh hell, O'Dell and VL all of the funk sons I'm confident, don't come in conceited, ain't got no Big Ed I'm bad like Fiend, but I B. like Craig So don't provoke me, if you don't want to get strong-armed Big Mann and Champ, V-Dog, be worrying might do you some harm All that ready to put a bullet in your belly-belly With a four-ten two shells, Boswell and Kelly-Kelly We ain't faking, making hits and gettin' paid You can't fade the track that the tank just made Mystikal, I'm Unpredictable Shit, anything else is unacceptable hook

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