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The Return This one here (The Return), this for my dirty disco dancin', low-down, no good mutha fuckas (the braided-up pimp is back) The return of the shit-talker The lyrical explicit content The original mutha fucker I rip the surf, I hit the worst like brass knuckles (damn) Give em crushes, bust ass and smash records I live it how I talk it I bring it how I feel it This my spot 'cause I done marked it I show the teeth between waitin' and eatin' Bitch, I stay agressive like it's matin' season I'm hot, you gotta put me where I belong On top, I'm guaranteed to fuck up everything I get on You lovin' everything I put out I keep it real do what you lin-ike in the riz-ep in the sin-outh! Hoes say, Ooh, he a donkey! And baby you gon' find out when I hit you with that Raunchy Don't let me put you in that V-90 You want this kinda fuckin', bitch it's just fine [Hook] It's my turn! SHIT! It's my time Watch out there now You fuckin' with my groove (it's the return) The braided up pimp is back It's safe to say I'm old school (way back) I went from 4-track to the A-DAT And from A-DAT to the Pro-Tools Dreamin' of layin' that hot shit Now what would make you think that I ain't the man Playin' hit, bit, don't quit, 'cause you know you not it Ain't my family, tell ya, I can't complain Tighter or hype they can't half bang Even appeal to older people, they say, Oh, yeah, he bad! I still be jammin' off the last one I said, Where you get that, Pops? He said, I stole it from my grandson Now you know me when I step through They say, Son, I got yo record. Ain't you James Brown's nephew (heeey!) I keep 'em movin', leave 'em thinkin' I'm wrestled and respected like Aretha Franklin (all I'm askin') All nigga, part-time lover (BANG!) It's my turn, watch out there mutha fucker [Hook] 'Cause then when that I rock the beat, now I can need influence I'm fire, fire, off the hook, Michael Tyler, how you doin' Take that out and leave me on Kerry, Ves, Stevie, Jack, Beezy Boy, DJ Ron So, when they ask you, you can tell it Already signed Shonnie and Maxminelli They fuckin' with the Belly Boys fo sho The Guillotine, O.G. Bone, and the rest of them Oh, yeah, King Yella, that's my nizzle Oh, that's my brother Reesy and my brother B-Kizzle I'm just a fashion rap recite (bark) That's Happ, that's Shot, that's Roc, and he tight This time I'm fuckin' with the Poisonous Dart Bitches in line waitin' for the party to start We buyin' rides without leases 'Cause this year niggas runnin' rockin' Big Truck pieces [Hook]

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