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[Mystikal talking] The Medicine man. Oh yeah. Smoke One Yeah. This that shit nigga that you smoke off. This the one I know y'all flipping through this shit the CD and shit. This the one nigga This yo' chance right NA. Ya' know? Get all items that you need to get yo' mutha fuckin blunt rolled nigga. Get ya' papers, what ever the fuck, lighters. Y'all know what y'all need. Huh bra? This what I want y'all to do: (Chorus) Light something, burn something, smoke something, roll one. Light something, burn something, roll something, smoke one nigga. Light something, burn something, smoke something, roll one nigga. Light something, burn something, roll something, smoke one nigga [Mystikal talking] Man hit the mutha fucking weed bra. You playin' wit' the mutha fuckin' weed. do do do do at the doe. Hit this bitch. Mutha fucking roll back. Nigga make a roll back. Mouth to the nose, roll back. I smell smoke. Oh, say nigga when you roll the weed up make sho' there ain't no sticks or stems. [Mystikal] Put the fire in the wind, then forget about how you roll Skinny at the end, fat in the middle, long as you smoking Don't worry about how the bitch look, gotta hold in it stick pocking out That ain't nothing pass that bitch, put ya finger over it hit it wit ya' mouth I bet it pull, hit this shit I betchu' get full I don't fuck with that dry, that's good for yo' ass I told ya' that's fire Stick, aloud, expensive, light light green don't touch no brown Ya' can't stand up, ya' eyelids feel about 200 pounds Mouth dry as the fuck, yeah this bitch hea' high as a duck Ready to leave, but can't go nowhere 'cause looks like ya' stuck Now get off the floe' You don't know what you pull so don't try this no me Stop that frontin', and if you can't handle it then give me my dope Nothing but bud, tastein' no seeds Swallow that shit, nigga you wastein' the weed You don't know what I got, nothing but dro' I'm to hold back y'all this about ten time I'm bout to start smokin' (Chorus) [Mystikal talking] Moving in slow motion, moving in slow motion, moving in slow motion, moving in slow motion. I got some more man. That bionic-chronic. Yeah nigga, this the smoking one. fa -sho. Boy just smoke something nigga. And uhhhhh, how many mutha fucking times is y'all nigga gonna be waiting for another verse? Man, when is y'all gonna learn? This the smoke something man. You ain't gotta know all that bra. Know what I'm talkin' about nigga? Smoke something. Smoke something. Smoke something. Yes indeed.

Album album Mystikal album ultima melodie versuri. Muzica straina piesa versuri Smoke One melodia mp3 album asculta

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