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[Mystikal] Smoke something niggas This one go out to all the niggas that be getting loaded all the ladies that be getting loaded Score it up, roll it up, blow it up I'm bout to let you niggas know something 'fore you get mad and throw something, bitch you better smoke something If it's on your chest, get's rid of that mess, for the end of that stress Nigga told me that's sess was the best, so I got's to test It's all in the roll, fuck how you hold it If you didn't notice that I was fucked up, y'all niggas ain't loaded Speakin' of myself I'm just a rap writer But before I get my nerves bad, let me go get my -- let me go get my lighter Blaze up a swissa full of herb, shut the door, shut the window Close the gate, get the phone out, I don't want to be disturbed I'm on too but I'm in my own home High as Cheech N Chong, in my own zone, smokin' homegrown Smoke all over this motherfucker But never would have knowed it, if I wasn't loaded So come and take a walk with me Get spark with me *inhales* what a brought with me See ya'll nigga can't find this, niggas be moving in slow motion smokin' that Bionic Chronic And ain't no weed like Bo-Weed No four like that score I be screamin but yall know what I'm fiendin' for Nigga you wanna know something? Fuck the dumb shit, nigga you better smoke something

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