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Well bitch I'm country as cowboy boots I debut beatin' boy band groups Nigga let me know what the fuck yall wanna do Either keep up or you can't Mildew or barbeque! Crack or do yo thang! Dang I ain't come here for no dumb shit You tell me which one of them is the hardest nigga: lyrics or the drum kick? And when its finished over and done with I'mma smoke a blunt and knock the pussy off some bitch I ain't no speedy and you said I beat it too much I ain't gon eat it you ain't gon' drown me and I pound it enough They see me leavin' with the big butt woman With me walkin' funny pussy up in her stomach Sittin in the front 'cause the tv's runnin' Peanut butter leather seat with Big Truck on it I musta kidnapped a nigga main honey cause I heard him holl'n Hold on baby I'm comin! We hushed those (ssshh) who never thought we would get this far But bitch I told you (Tarantula) So do what you 'sposed to (Tarantula) Give me brains stop lookin' strange bitch shit changed It's just like I told you (Tarantula) Came up like I'm 'sposed to (Tarantula) And I'm known as the mutha fuckin' black prince of the south So wop-ba-ba-loo-bop, bitch watch out I make ya mama shake a tail feather Don't tell ya daddy that I'm here 'Cause you know it make him feel threatened Go get ya sexy dress to turn me on While he down there quotin' Betty Wright I know you not gon' sing that song! I hit the chart and never move off or homie cool off Before your nose look like Rudolf I give it to 'em and this bitch can't handle it Ol' ugly jealous mutha fucka this shit jammin' Ridiculous amounts of raw uncut talent On top of bass string kicks and piano They callin me Big Bucks, No Whammies! This year I'm screamin' Jive Records, Big Truck, got dammit Heads up, tighten up, nigga move Rank: CEO (slash) rapper (slash) fool chorus I'm fixin' to blow up like the jaws of Dizzy Gillespie Heavens to Betsy, Julio Iglesias couldn't out-rock me Speedy Gonzales couldn't come catch me The Grammy-nominated Especially... The Soul Train Award winner call me Black Elvis Presley You probably can't keep up with what you see me on Either 106 & Park, Queen Latifah, Chris Rock or Jenny Jones Knock down buildings chop down trees I kick so fuckin' hard they say, You Japanese! I'm up the millions 'cause of what I invent Look at ya over there with ya seatbelt light on approachin' your initial descent A.K.A. The Tarantula Hot rhymes coming from a canister I'm keepin' my fans with something to brag on These people in here ain't leavin' until I finish my fuckin' last song Bitch walk like a barbarian Tall dark and cut and keep them fuckin' hoes starin' chorus

Mystikal asculta versuri muzica versuri muzica straina. Cuvintele Tarantula ultima melodie album cantece ultima melodie.

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