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Under Lights Lyrics What do we need and where do we go When we get where we don't know Tell them what they wanna hear but what's the meaning Always knew it was them or me I always knew what I wanted to be So many things I just can't explain Is this the reason. Too much tension brings me down Touched and found and turned around I'm really lost in fear and sin, thinkin' how it might have been speaking my mind to those who find under lights made me blind Read the rights a prophet's word, we've learned to deal with the absurd Scorching the edge of your soul lust of season Forgotten heroes, piles of dead Colors change from green to red Hurt's so bad, it's been so long. I'm coming home Taste the blood that I long for A beating heart, slow and sure Bless my soul, time has come Innocence been long gone All the wrongs just can't be right Hear me scream and feel my bite

Descarca piesa muzica piesa muzica straina Brainstorm (Metal) ultima melodie versurile. Cantece ultima melodie album melodia Under Lights album versuri versuri.

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