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Versuri Tragedy

The music's slowly dying, and I'm jumping outta my jeans I jump into the bed, you're there already waiting for me Ain't this a perfect way, to spend the nite there ain't no better way, of killing time, than loving you be sure of that I do It's reached top speed, and I'm getting inside of you this is hot stuff Mama, taste it, It sure tastes good oh yes it does It's maybe cold outside, but in you the fire is burning and when you bite me babe, love is hurting Tragedy life reminds me bout, a symphony on the radio first a little bit too fast, and then a little bit much too slow Tragedy life reminds me bout, a symphony I heard today first a little bit too fast and then a little bit much too slow for me I wake up in the morning and I feel, the pain in my head if it's rest I need I'd rather be dead, no destination in this life I live no expectations I just drift and drift, and drift Tragedy versuri cantece cuvinte cuvinte versuri. Melodiei versurile Hanoi Rocks muzica straina cantece

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