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(Seth Binzer, Epic Mazur, Doug Miller) I can feel it (x 3) ta ta ta ta ta ta ta toxic Catch a fire, Fire it up Corrupt stirring it up It's burning hot, drifting Hitting every slot With a drop kick, it's toxic Trouble, like your girl in a mosh pit I've lost it and that the only way that we rock shit Banging heads and ripping threads If I wasn't rocking shows I'd be better of dead With a one two One word can destroy your whole crew And that's toxic, and that's toxic. CHORUS: Toxic, loud and obnoxious Crazy Town's toxic With that, rock your block Shit Toxic, popping more lip We love to talk shit Rocking you block with that straight out the block shit, Toxic *ta ta ta ta ta toxic*(x3) A Buddha, ballistic Blacklisted twist of faith My vocal's fatal As naughty block concoctions rock your cradle I thought I wait 'til the time was right to ignite Cause people like me we only come out at night I rock the main line and party with fine bitches Which is a dirty job But somebody's got to do it So, who the crew with? More has than vivid lyrics explicit So fuck the critics We leave them hanging like INXS. CHOROUS Toxic thresholds of Columbian gold You can't roll how we roll We possess you soul and push the panic Is it godly or satanic? Toxic or organic? Manic minds refined or frantic Just the way we planned it See we be stomping around the planet and we stand alone We infiltrate your chromosomes No clone our DNA has got a strain of it's own and it's Toxic. ta ta ta ta toxic, and its toxic, ta ta ta ta toxic I can feel it CHOROUS

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