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Now, we push rhymes, crazy rhymes Words force fed to your mind. Trace the source brother, brother. Face the music, don?t confuse it for another. Nothing comes close to this Kiss the sky. These grands change hands As our fans multiply. We push rhymes. People gather ?round when we Kick them. Go Boy, Shifty stick ?em. Ha ha ha stick ?em. Burning bridges, smoking ism, Losing my religion, Shooting the breeze, We got these MC?s ass kissing. If you can?t take the heat, Then get your ass out of the kitchen. I freak it off the wall. Crammin?, slammin? points of view Into your fucking skull. Bitch, that?s why we stick ?em.

Album cuvintele piesa muzica straina. versuri Crazy Town piesa asculta album versuri mp3 cuvinte Face the music piesa Rock.

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