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Now can you hear the cling-clang of my ball and chain gang? The sound of heavy metal that tastes like cellophone Collapsing every vein like umbrellas in heavy rain My passion is pain I do dirt to bury shame I'm victimized an instituion's no solution A place where you're defenseless and guilt's the prosecution Where necks are bound into slipknots of shallow souls Walking narrow roads to be hung frok gallows poles Nobody knows me success has exposed me To narrow-minded souls with goals to overthrow me Suppose that i chose to live my life low-key Would you act like you could teach When there is nothing you can show me Don't you understand i'm the head of the class A straight - A student not regretting the past CHORUS: You see i'm ok now but i dont think it will last Because reality is something i can't seem to grasp Candy-coated pain is like a ball and chain Pulling me closer to death, i feel closer to death now Candy-coated pain is like a ball and chain We only dig deeper by running away It's deeper than what it looks like We never got an equal shot so we took mics Packed the candy-coated pain in the first pipe That said my name and the candy-coated pain is the worst type You got it nice my every day is like your worst night The world is digging in my wounds screaming out i bet it hurts right? But it hurts more i got regrets but i'm glad i took the prize behind the fisrt door What's the hurt for? Everybody hungers peace but they thirst war It's crazy i'm not complaining because i probably would have tried better And if the people that i trusted weren't lie tellers So keep your candy-coated pain to make the vibe better Now all the songs i'm writing sound like suicide letters Repeat CHORUS Guilty or innocent whatever pick the verdict Sometimes a perfect picture's not so perfect Thought i could reverse the mixture it isn't worth it Because my life seems to work no matter how bad curse it I only know a little but i feel so much The pain brings me down but it reveals the rush See i got my arms up just to shield the dust Because i lust for the things i can't seem to touch Arrest me if i follow you You congest me i'm so hollow from your gift You infect me when i cut you Still the same still insane I think i love you (But fuck you) Repeat CHORUS

Candy coated cantece asculta versuri. album piesa muzica straina melodiei Rock versuri cuvinte Crazy Town.

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