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(Seth Binzer, Bret Mazur, Doug Miller, Rust Epique, A. Volli, KRS-One, Bernard Williams) This is the last trip This is the last trip CXT KRS-One Boogie down Crazy Town. Chorus: I'm a bad as B-boy two triple O A space age hip-hop superhero. I rock the block with glocks and brass knuckles A Pocket full of weed and a B-boy belt buckle Space age rage To rattle your cage Running amok as we fuck up the stage Taking hip-hop to a whole new level 8-0-8 bass over twisted metal Shifty, the rebel. Supernatural A mac with a pull Act a fool Excalibur Destroying M.C's with my vocal algebra We got something new for you, for you to take your ass and move it Hit to lose it It's that crazy crew Talking you on a hide to the other side Check it Bar codes on freaks Programmed to freak mode Black holes of lost souls Let the story be told I rock a B-boys stance Cuz it's time to explode. Chorus If you Ever want to know what time it is, compared to what time it isn't When you hear KRS in the house just runs and get our ticket Because when you come into this jam, the party will be kickin' All the wic Wacs and DJ's in the house jealous it get so sickenin' Now CXT are some cool guys Still getting paid without no ties At least no jack and I can't hack it when you gonna ask the question why I never liked working at Mickey D's All my life I got B's and C's Down with the crew called BDP Shifty, and E.P.I.C Now when you be? Chorus Put you mind over matter 'gather round the sound Yeah gather 'round The sound It don't get better, gather 'round the sound Come on. Gather 'round the sound. CHROUS I roll at light speed through Space and time with a boom box of beats and a book of rhymes Cosmo kinetic I just don't get it These fools want to rock But their rhymes are pathetic The Epic, digital bliss. The mega sound consists of a hard drive bits Written under ground Crazy Town rock so hard, you'll go berserk with the sound that travels around the universe I'll Thoughts disperse we're the first and last High class, white trash Rolling a classic hover craft In strong days the wickedest ways Because the norm but it's far from the norm When we perform check It B-boys make some noise Get connected Respect it, you should expect the unexpected B-girl reping at the front of the show. I'm a bad ass b-boy two triple O. Chorus Dope thoughts come when I hear a kick drum a bass beat transforms The level of the street and the lyrics Boulevard status Yo, I'm the baddest beach front punks They insist I'm the raddest thing to hit ever since L.C.D Hallucinate while I dominate I bring Satan to table When I rock, there is not a label for it Critics adore it Homicidal as it gets your wrist slit When I make suicidal imprints on your brain I induce pain, so I'm insane Hell bent burnt you like acid rain Extraordinarily, I lyricize specialize In body rocking rapping and macking two triple O, I come to get down with my clique Crazy Town we came to get down Yes, yes y'all we come to get down. Chorus: Put you mind over matter Gather 'round the sound yeah 'gather Round the sound It don't get better gather 'round the sound come on, gather 'round the sound Put your mind over matter Gather round the sound yeah gather round the sound It don't get better 'gather 'round the sound come on gather 'round the sound. CXT this the last trip.. This is the last trip.

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