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Versuri Butterfly

Chorus: Come my lady Come come my lady, you're my butterfly Sugar baby (X2) Such a sexy,sexy pretty little thing Fierce nipple pierce you got me sprung with your tongue ring and I ain't gonna lie cause your loving gets me high So to keep you by my side there's nothing that I won't try Butterflies in her eyes and the looks to kill Time is passing I'm asking could this be real Cause I can't sleep I can't hold still The only thing I really know is she got sex appeal I can feel too much is never enough You're always there to lift me up When these times get rough I was lost, now I'm found Ever since you've been around You're the women that I want So yo, I'm putting it down. Chorus: (2x) Come my lady Come come my lady, you're my butterfly Sugar baby, Come my lady Youre my pretty baby, You make your legs shake You make me go crazy I don't deserve you unless it's some kind of hidden message to show me life is precious I guess it's true But to tell truth, I really never knew til I met you see I was lost and confused Twisted and used up I Knew a better life existed but thought that I missed it My lifestyle's wild I was living like a wild child Trapped on a short leash paroled the police files And yo. what' s happening now? I see the sun breaking DOWN INTO dark clouds and a vision of you standing out in a crowd, so CHORUS Hey sugar momma, come and dance with me The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me what ever tickles your fancy Girl it's me and you like Sid and Nancy So sexy....almost evil Talkin' about butterflies in my head I used to think happy endings were only in the books I read But you made me feel alive when I was almost dead You filled that empty space with the love I used to chase And as far as I can see it don't get better than this So butterfly, here is a song and it's sealed with a kiss and a thank you miss. Come and dance with me Come and dance with me Come and dance with me Come and dance with me, aha CHORUS

Album versuri descarca cantece Rock versuri cuvintele Muzica straina Butterfly melodia cuvinte descarca ultima melodie album Crazy Town.

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