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Versuri Time To Move On

A young manââ¬â¢s searching Trying to find his soul Heââ¬â¢s heard all the myths and the stories that heââ¬â¢s told He searches his heart for the magic to behold He wants to find the answers before he grows old (chorus) One door closes two doors open The road you take is the path youââ¬â¢ve chosen T he end is the beginning, beginning is the end Every road gonna bring you round again Stop and look around Time to move on My old man is traveling Now heââ¬â¢s lost his way Heââ¬â¢s drifting in the middle And his hair is turning gray What you donââ¬â¢t know might hurt you When your pride gets in the way If you donââ¬â¢t read the signs Youââ¬â¢ll get lost along the way (chorus) You got to follow your bliss Gotta follow your sorrow Where will you be when you wake up tomorrow The choice is up to you Itââ¬â¢s yours and yours alone Every road gonna bring you home (chorus)

Time To Move On versurile melodia Cross Canadian Ragweed muzica straina versuri piesa versurile asculta versuri. Versurile cuvintele descarca asculta muzica.

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