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Sirens wale and a flashing light Nothin' better to do on a Tuesday night But give me hell Where you headed, what are you out for Don't see much of you 'round here anymore I guess it's just as well Once upon a time you had it all You let everybody down You're always seventeen in your hometown Chorus: Runnin' from your folks, runnin' from the law Runnin' from love, runnin' from your fears, runnin' from it all You keep on runnin' boy You'll run yourself in the ground You're always seventeen in your hometown Her porch swing still looks the same She probably won't even remember my name Just like she didn't back then Is she married, is she doin' fine Does she know about all the nights I laid awake cryin' Just to know her hand The door opens and I run away Just like the same old clown You're always seventeen in your hometown (Repeat Chorus) Nobody's gonna miss me No tears will fall, no one's gonna weep When I hit that road My boots are broken, my brain is sore From keeping up with their little world I got a heavy load Gonna leave 'em all just like before I'm big city bound You're always seventeen in your hometown (Repeat Chorus)

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