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Versuri Carry You Home

One day Jesus - he's gonna come back And say enough of this You're getting' way off track All this stealin', cheatin', lyin', all the little babies cryin' Well I'll tell ya I can't take anymore Cause I died for your sins so long ago It seems you forget with every day that rolls I'm gonna stop it all right now Before it gets way out of control Chorus: Everybody's gonna stand in line When it comes to judgement time Pick the side of the fence that you're on When he comes to carry you home Now if you wanna kill and die for your God That's your prerogative, but I'll tell you that you're wrong I think God - He's an understanding man But I don't think that's part of his plan Cause he wants us all to live in harmony Take care of one another when we need So if you want to rant and rave, murder and corrupt Stay away from the ones that I love I'm not pointin' fingers, don't get me wrong Cause I drink and smoke and cuss And carry on This is my opinion and it's all that it is To let you know that my devotion is his I'll admit that I'm not a Saint I know what I can - I know what I can't do I can't judge your right from your wrong You are you and I am my own I don't read the Bible everyday I can't understand most of it anyway But I know where I'll go when my number is shown (Repeat Chorus)

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