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I want a big red nose I want some floppy shoes I want a squirty flower squirt it all over you Like all the bad clowns do I want to juggle bowling pins in the sun I want to join the circus, the circus looks like fun I'll sit and work the gate or I can guess your weight I'll even sell the corn dogs I don't care As long as I am there I'll hand out baseballs at the dunk tank I'll ride my funny car laughing... all the way to the bank Cause I'm a carney man I'm a carney man I'm a carney man I'm a carney man carney man carney man The human cannonball I'll rise above it all Up higher than the trapeze I can fly Oh I'm not gonna die I just gotta get high I am a carney worker I make two bucks Every hour come to find out ... this job it f@*%#! sucks Cause I'm a carney man I'm a carney man I'm a carney man I'm a carney man You need a corndog I can tell You need a corn dog I can tell I'm a carney man melodia versuri descarca versuri Cross Canadian Ragweed Descarca descarca asculta versurile Carney Man album piesa muzica straina cuvintele cantece asculta.

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