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Thinking back to my college days Man that was such a haize Always some party going on Someone up getting drunk Someone down getting stoned The Jimmy Hendriz poser in the hall Covering up that hole in the wall Five for a dollar, man the price is right Ramen Noodles almost everynight The Credit Card will surely cover Spring Break But I might sit at home and just buy me a steak Well I ate it all by myself And told my roomates to go to hell (Chorus) If your going downtown to the liquor store bring me a bottle of wine I've been taking myself much too seriously lately And I need to unwind So fire up the charcoal and we'll sit in the yard Get primed up and head out to the bar I wonder who's playing down on the strip tonight Hey man life's alright It's penny beer night and bar hoppin around Someone breaking a heart Someone laying one down Waiting in line at the all night cafe I drank all my money, how am I gonna pay And it's Oh my spinning head And it's one foot off the bed (Repeat Chorus)

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