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(Seth Binzer, Bret mazur, Doug Miller, Rust Epique, Percy Washington, Torshawn Roland) You know that bitch baby he's talking shit about our clique but he don't crazy You see the writing on my dick You know that trick,Tracy Yeah, she's making me sick living that life We used to do the same shit, shit gets drastic Some kids need help some need there ass kicked And some would never learn to earn their own way living of their daddy had he not been rich They'd be broker than a joke and forced to switch You gotta change your tune or change your pitch Because life ain't easy man Life's a bitch, shit is harder than hard about as hard can get Keep on going where you're headed you's alive to regret it Yes it hurts to face the truth and realize that the worlds got your neck in a noose if things ain't like they ought to be You've got to think fast the aftermath of your actions whiplash. I know you all tired of these wannabe thugs claiming the real be running, grabbing the steel Thinking they're going to peel My niggas cap roaming the streets with black hats Chrome straps sipping on brew Ready to react of any nigga they see that nigga could be me Capital I.C.E. got a muther fucking .357 to put eleven holes in their chest Thinking they could test a real riderfrom the west I roll flossin' me and my girlfriend nina ross and the ghettos' been good to me But you've got to take precautions Brothers get what they least expect it or neglect it You'll never catch the dirty in the streets without protection Nowadays you got to pull shit Haters on some bullshit jumpin' out of Cadillacs and low lows with a full clip If your tool spits Shake the spot or get your duck on Cause if you press your luck on Stupid is what you're stuck on. That girl shelia got a daugter She be clubbing every night Sheila had her daughter young still that just ain't right Plus she rides the white horse She used to ride my pony If I hit it now, I'd break it 'Cause Sheila's just too bony. Smoking speed released the lions I'm not lying I'm not sober I'm still trying Hiding the truth With substitutes a hundred proof A fuck up, face it One of L.A.'s wasted youth Label me as an enemy of the lost star My family's not too happy with the trouble that I've caused See we be breaking the law Smoking on non-menthols thinking fast so I'm ready for any all out brawls And ya. Brothers get your hustle on Ballers and get your shit tight House parties get shot up And turned up before midnight Drive-bys and fistfights Zig zag and crack pipes There's a fifty fifty chance That tonight will be your last night.

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