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Here's a little something from a God to a slave, I never should of been let out the fucking microwave! We're on this planet and we're running a muck, I should give a shit but I don't give a fuck! Ever since I was a scumdog, I blew a cum-wad. I need a mother-fucking suckadickalickalong! Burning a mall or two, blowing the load I spew. You don't wanna fucking fuck me? I'll Fuck you! This is your ass, and I'm in it. My man sexy will fuck you up in a minuet. With an axe, sword, mace, pike your limbless. Then I'll fuck your ass till its rimless!

Muzica straina album versuri muzica muzica ultima melodie cuvinte. Versuri ultima melodie asculta GWAR The salaminizer muzica asculta melodia cuvintele versurile descarca.

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