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BILLY BAD ASS LITTLE BILLY BAD ASS Cause I'm bad - Billy Bad Bad Bad Billy - Little Billy badass So bad so bad inside I was born on the day that my mama died It made me bad - Silly bad - Real bad feel bad Chitty chitty gang bang Yeah thats right Get it right Sit tight You got it bad You make me mad Hey cool out Billy Take a chili bath A silly willy bath A Billy Barty bubble bath C'mon now, they're clearing a path He goes eight to the bar (in boogie rhythm). little billy bad, little bad billy bad ass Billy Bad. Once there was a time when he could have changed But he didn't but he didn't but he didn't but he didn't Instead, he stayed the same And he didn't even really have to! I'm still mad But just a tad I'm just a little chilly silly Billy Hackensack But one day I died My Momma cried Oh that's right My Mama already died She died I cried The only reason? I was a baby at the time now im able... to lay my cable GWAR versuri album descarca melodia muzica straina. Piesa versuri album versurile melodiei Billy bad ass cantece.

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