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Versuri Ham On The Bone

Can you hear the whispering wind Over the screams of your dying friends? Did you know your life is mine? Chorus: You know what I got Ham on the bone A little thing I just can't leave alone Now I feel the purpose of my life defined Ham on the bone is mine Now you are called To the desperate scene at the throbbing ball And you'll do it all, now you've become my geni-thrall (chorus) Ham on Ham, Ham on the ham on the ham on [x5] Now my hand grasp my throbbing root and shan't unclasp Go to the head of the class as I madly stoke my flaccid shaft (chorus) Ham Ham Ham Ham - Ham on the Bone [x4]

GWAR mp3 versuri ultima melodie cuvintele cuvinte cantece cuvinte muzica straina cantece melodiei. Muzica versuri Ham On The Bone.

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