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Versuri Baby raper

Babyraper, sperm creator Hulking, brutish masturbator Babyraper, emasculator Fleshy flap valve navigator Never leave me, Babyraper Melted cum ejaculator Spackled filth evaporator High colonic spackulator the Babyraper the Babyraper My quest for sex consumes all my life Being a god I do what i like I know it hurts you when I fuck a child Cum-sumed with cumming I've simply gone wild Drinking and drowning in lakes full of lust I'll still jerk off even when I cum dust My sex is my hatred My penis a tool My balls are imploding I'm playing the fool My butt crack is folding The crap that it's holding I heap it all over the stool Oh, Babyraper I'm the fucking Babyraper I'm the guy who stiffed the waiter Mangled public flagellator Turgid bowel exaggerator Fleshy flap-valved gladiator

Ultima melodie versurile album versuri melodia cuvinte cuvinte album versuri melodia Baby raper. GWAR melodia cuvinte melodiei muzica straina.

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