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Versuri Bad bad men

Billy was and orphan, Tommy was a whore Poe got drunk in Baltimore Getting drunk and shooting guns was all he ever had Could it be that's what made our boy so bad Bad bad men and they're coming to town (Bad men) They shot a man just for snoring to load Billy the kid, Jesse James.. The jail is wide open and the towns in flames Sneaking in the back door, hiding in the night Capering with corpses in the dank moonlight They started robbing banks, then cattle mutilation Now his offsprings terrorize the nation Billy got drunk, Bull got even Bull went belly-up and joined up with the G-men Piece of meat in the street, torn apart in the town By the inflatable hands of a sinister clown Bad bad men and they're coming to town (Bad men) Shot a man just for snoring too damn loud Robert DeNiro, when he's a hero Bring on the anti-hero, my zero-hero Hearts full of anger, hearts full of fear Billy looked up from the bed and said, "I'm walking outta here" It's a new religion, carnival of crime Doomed to repetition, with it we mark time I feel jacked up, drinking my 4-O Blew your face to the bumper And then I just said, "Yo" It's a new religion, carnival of sleaze Drag you up that dusty road and leave you creaking in the breeze

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