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I'm thinking I was once a baby Birthed deep within the Master's bowels Shat across the cosmos, banished to this mudball But I crave vengence, I'm not throwing in the towel Well I said I'm sorry but you slapped me back down I'm just a Sunday morning turd coming down Stare into the inky blackness I swear I think you'll find him there With over grown cuticles, and an asteroid belt I said now sonny, de does not give a damn Well I'm a real bad mama A real bad man I like to spend a lot of time on the can I had a little something to eat last night It's not alright, The Master has a butt Well we fucked up the tablet and the Master heard the sound A little birdie told me he's coming back around His hideous wisdom calls for my death There'll be nothing left Except a butt Daddy tells me to bend over Whips your buttocks with a strap Bails my ass out of reform school Then he goes and takes a nap Well I said that I was sorry but I couldn't make you care If I could stop shitting then I'd change my underwear If I can't kill the Master then I'll have to get a job I'm a fuckin' slob The Master has a butt melodiei muzica GWAR. Piesa piesa asculta piesa mp3 muzica straina The master has a butt asculta muzica ultima melodie versuri ultima melodie versuri.

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