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Versuri Teenangels Outsiders

Me and Jimmy we went out on the streets, There was no place for us in the society We were selling stolen bikes in the backyards, Smashed windows and fights in the bar, They tried to catch us but we went too far We had whiskey in a jar, And there never was no reason why 'Cause we were wild and free, yeah, yeah, yeah, We gotta break out of our cage And get to know how it feels, Wild and free, yeah, yeah, yeah How we ran on the roofs at night, Just Jimmy and me Some people are losing and crying, They only care about living and dying Talk about this whole damn world, And still come up laughin' They called us bums wearin' filthy rags, We used to steal old ladies' bags Teenangels outsiders, We were the naughty boys Wild and free, yeah, yeah, yeah, When Jimmy drove off the street And died in his Cadillac, Well he was wild and free, yeah, yeah, yeah Well me and the boys we're off the track, And never lookin' back Wild and free, yeah, yeah, yeah, We gotta get out of this place And get to know how it feels, Really wild and free, Yeah, yeah, yeah Well much to fast to live a long life, Much too young to die We we're laughin' and singing, And doing all the things That we used to do before

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