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Versuri Sweet Home Suburbia

She would come to me from down in the city offering her love on a plate, I said I don't want no city emotions where I'm from love is cold, so cold So she'd leave back for the central, just to never return, Stayed in my sweet suburbia home Although suburb is cold, so cold, Give me sex, (they) give me drugs (They) give me all the love they've got, They give me money, they give me shelter (They) give me everything they've got, Yeah, yeah, I don't want no city emotions, no, no cos where i'm from love is cold, I don't want to leave for the city The suburbs is my home, yeah, yeah, Sometimes day's as dark as night the Suburban natives fight, They got no urban desires They burn in the suburban fire, My roots is home in the blocks The roots of the Hanoi Rocks, Suburban winds in the night Make us know we're alive, oh we're alive, That's what I need We're gonna snort it clean tonight, i'm smoking So so give me, give me, Give me sex and give me drugs Give me all the love that you've got Give me your money, give me your home Give me everything you've got

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