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When it comes down, we know we're alone you could scream and nobody would hear Today my face in the glass is a stranger's furrowed with the lines of fear All the little truths denied, all the little deaths we died I always thought that it was worth something All the little rays of hope, always coming back when we needed them most I always thought that it was worth something Once we went back to the house we were born in The glass was smashed and there were boards on the doors and it seemed so right that the past was all laid to waste and our trail covered up and lost All the little deaths we died, all the little truths denied, I always thought that it was worth something And all the battles leave their scars and the gods of Fate still laughing at us I always thought that it was worth what it cost Let everyone else decide who's right - I don't care any more tonight I only know that it is worth something

Melodia New Model Army cuvintele muzica straina. Melodia mp3 piesa versurile Stranger mp3 versuri descarca versuri.

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