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Well, you never grow up, you just get older, carrying all the familiar burdens with you, walking back on the hometown streets on a night devoid of stars. No one ever said it was going to be just, you really ought to know by now how She's all red in tooth and claw; after all, weren't you the one screaming for more? In the gigabyte wars - round and round we go, beneath the vapour trails - tangled up inside in a web of lies, hostages of fortune and savage tales. Well, you entered stage in blood and pain, gulped for air and then you cried out - this is just the way it comes; that's Stupid Questions again . . . It's not the things that you fear that come to get you, But all the things you don't expect, face down in a drowning pool of unfulfilled desire, in the gigabyte wars . . . Then comes the rain - just seems to make the night grow hotter, we listen to the drops as they clatter on the roofs of the cars; sometimes it seems like you're going to suffocate in this conspiracy of noise - but though the ties they stretch to break-point, still they hold, still they hold, and blood runs still in crimson streams and dries like the earth - but still they hold. In the gigabyte wars, once we were lost, then we were found; once we were found - then we were lost again. Get real, if a real exists - there's nothing more than this, Strung out on nothingness . . .

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