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Splashing through the water on the motorway The headlights shine in every drop of rain And every mile takes a minute and every minute lasts an hour And there's so many miles until we're home again And staring through the gathering mists on the windscreen I know that paying the prices came so soon But I swear that those eyes cut deeper into me Than they'll ever cut into you Chorus: And still the fires won't go out That no power of the mind can drive away All I ever see are your eyes calling And the hatred and the love and the passion and the pain Everybody knows this feeling like an old friend And everybody feels it the same But out here in the dark there is no one else Driving faster, faster through the rain Chorus: And still the fires won't go out Am I trying to raise a toast when the glass is already empty? Am I paying the price now the wasted years are through? But I swear that those eyes cut deeper into me Than they'll ever, ever cut into you.

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