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Gather round and listen and I'll tell you how's it's done How they manage to make idiots out of everyone Take a human population with their hunger and their pain And the weaknesses that cripple them again and again Invent a splendid party where dreams can be won And with bright flashing lights, the heartaches are gone With sex and with money and with everything for free Then show tantalising glimpses every night on TV. Watch the dirty hands that laboured hard for you Stretching out like children for a crumb that they can chew Give a car and video and a little bit to spare And go on promising that more could all be theirs Chorus: All lies, all lies, all schemes all schemes Every winner means a looser in the western dream The producer swears silently it cannot be heard And the camera crew are muttering those four letter words Another take is needed so the show can go on With a patronising smile and a popular song They tell when to laugh, they tell you when to cheer So the audience at home will get the right idea They watch like children left out of a playground gang Conforming their lives the way they hope will get them in Chorus: All lies, all lies, all schemes all schemes Every winner means a looser in the western dream It seems to me sometimes there's only two ways to choose In this whirlpool made of a thousands years Either live in these ghettos and know your place Or you trample over everyone in the human race I wish we could find another way to go Without the Ghost of Cain in everything we do The bitterness in failure and the dirt in success This is our choice

Album versuri cantece versurile muzica straina asculta versuri. Asculta asculta Western Dreams New Model Army asculta muzica descarca ultima melodie.

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