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Versuri No Greater Love

There's storm clouds amassing over in the west up above the moor The city shines in grey, mills closing down on the valley floor All you can do here is survive, grit your teeth and just stay alive And never understand The young ones they dance with fire in their hearts until the years go by And older, defeated they stare in their beer at closing time No greater love could there ever be Than what I feel for you, what you gave to me You saved my life from this While kings are in their counting houses, people just wait here in silent rows They spat and they jeered in a last desperate fear as they watched us go Remember how we turned and ran Heads into the wind running hand in hand We laughed until we cried So many tears . . .

Melodiei descarca versuri versurile New Model Army. Melodia cuvinte muzica asculta mp3 descarca versuri descarca muzica straina album mp3 No Greater Love ultima melodie.

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