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[music - Sean McGrath and Leon del Muerte] [lyrics - Sean McGrath] Your ribcage is avulsed Mangled, chopped, and hewn Organ meats have been sundered And about your coffin strewn Latent germs deliquesce your guts Fermenting your simmering brine Upon this loathsome, steaming mass I'm predisposed to dine Dehydrated liver is quenched with grog In a gurgulating froth, dissolved In purulence ruptured, your bowel has turned septic Your innards are now devolved Intestines turn to slush Vitriolic mush Inebriating fumes, mind altering effluvium An intoxicating funeral binge on post-digestive chum Carbonated gastric stew Excreted, distilled, and imbibed A nidorous concoction fermented to proof The dead I tap, siphon, and grind [solo: Dead Drunk by S.C. McGrath] [solo: Consumption of Inebriates and Subsequent Goggles of Alcoholic Deception by L.d. Muerte] [solo: The Siphoning of Liquescent Dead Tissue for Use in the Fermentation] [of Grain Alchohol, and the Consumption Thereof by S.C. McGrath] [solo: A Porcelain Visitation by L.d. Muerte] Spirits of the dead Sip the rotting head Repulsively imbued With necro-holic brew

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