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[music - Sean McGrath and Leon del Muerte] [lyrics - Sean McGrath and Ross Sewage] Latent images in solutions submerged A gallery of gore for posterity preserved Your visage shall endure long after you've been laid to rest Immortalized in celluloid as record of your death A recremental work of art Artuated straight from the heart Your destiny is black and white A grisly study in still life A kalopsic collage is your patchwork grave The cutting room floor is where you spend your last days Anonymous atrocities, my subjects are the dead An amateur gorenographer cutting off heads Glistening gralloch, a zoetrope of rot Exenterated torsos coacervate and clot Veristic works of art are developed and displayed Decomposed and posed as I prepare another plate On my nefandous noctuary I diligently toil For a carcass exfodiated from hallowed soil An axunge prepared to grease the gears Lacking my wit, kin may shed tears Cohesive structure is what you lack A poultice of plaster will fill in the cracks Sculptures in flesh are my medium du jour Your puniceous effigy I faithfully restore Abdomen is spliced and the lighting is set I'll develop your roll as my ensanguined subject Holes drilled in your skull form a camera obscura This document of death will be rather thorough My scrapbook of horror is your final epitaph Pictures from the after world, a corpse photographed Your countenance embossed in silver gelatin A gruesome reminder of your untimely end A test sheet is used for the final cut Through trial and error I make my decision The template enlarged to a grainy print This excoriated exhibit, my final revision [solo: Welcome to the Bone Room by L.d. Muerte] [solo: Matted and Framed for Decay by S.C. McGrath] Artistic license I must take Depleted bones I'm apt to break I strike the set, this shoot is a wrap Your casket occluded with residual scraps The harvest I find in a moldering crate A cadaverous curio with which I create

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