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[music - Sean McGrath] [lyrics - Ross Sewage] The surface teeming with the most noxious infestation of all Through touring endeavours we will ensure humanity's fall A strain of Yersinia Pestis we've created To our whims bacterial genomes we've mutated A virulent plague coming of age A petri dish culture carefully bred Until all tests subjects were certainly dead Pathogenic properties increased exponentially Unicellular organisms bent on destruction With like motivation were in total conjuction Birth the disease so mankind can cease (to be) Attenuate endospores for the vaccine Self-innoculized and resistance is gleaned With an immune barrier, we're contagious carriers Four vectors parading as an act Amongst congregations who are apt to contract Our sickness to all who witness Epileptogenic sounds on instruments are made While from the pulpit the illness is parlayed Crossing through nations, a patho-migration Airborne infection giving you fever Cephalalgia splits your head like a cleaver The pain crippling as your vomitting Unwarranted paroxysm results from delirium Dipsomania an unforseen symptom Your actions obscene, once you've seen green Epidermal eruptions of pus filled cysts Relentless molesting causing pyosis Taking on a green pallour from swelling so deep Aching boils mellifluously seep As you are left to weep Septicemic pyemia, there's posion in your veins Saprophytic vibrio ingesting dead membranes Spirillum minus inflaming sodoku Steatorrhic psilosis, you've really got to go [solo: Ashes To Ashes, You All Fall Down by A.S. LaBarre] Replete with bubos, cankers, and sores Attendees succumb to the coccus in scores Our pestilence shall end existence Agonizing cries give way to chorditis Hushed death rattles, thanks to bacillus inside us No sound passing cancrum from expiring scum Integumental ulcers evidence disintegration To your demise, we raise our libations A festive soirée as lives pass away No anti-biotic can stop our pandemic Our disease and debauchery campaign is systemic Take to the pit and your life is forfeit The surface teeming with the most noxious infestation of all Through touring endeavours we will ensure humanity's fall

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