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[music - Leon del Muerte and Sean McGrath] [lyrics - Sean McGrath] [solo: Funerary Feast on the Recently Deceased by S.C. McGrath] [solo: Manic Rottraphagia L.d. Muerte] [solo: Exfodiation of Pus Filled Stiffs for Total Gormandization by S.C. McGrath] [solo: Exhibiting the Trots from the Consumption of Rot by L.d. Muerte] Wholly rotten, your body decayed Your husk a decomposing organic sewer Ichor boiled, congealed, and reduced Into a fustular mass of fertile manure Liquid waste expelled With a nauseating smell Your innards have started to turn The stink makes my sinuses burn With intestinal fortitude I'm forced to digest This purulent victual with which I'm obsessed Greedily binging on glistening turds As gristle and fat form globular curds Pulsating liver is violently excised Pureed, brewed, and mulled A gustatory treat for the mentally ill With which my senses are dulled Your kidneys are stewed and with offal imbued Infused with simmering gore Of carbonized entrails and all that is rotten I'm quite a connoisseur A foetid tapioca is prepared in your colon Nauseating pudding, thickened with pus A genital soufflé is concocted on the fly Post-mortem nutrimentof decomposing guts Putrescine elixir is quaffed to kill the taste A most refreshing aperitif The noxious beverage is tapped from your skull You're repulsively rotten beyond belief

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