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[music - Sean McGrath and Leon del Muerte] [lyrics - Ross Sewage] Necrotic ooze poured from a carafe Acquired for a blood bath In the morgue lies a treasure trove of lividous compounds decaying A trocar suctions out the blood while a sphincter suffers my raking With reams of ichor and surplus of fæces, the dead are so giving A boundless supply of foetid excretions compels me to lavage the stench of the living My skin sullied with the filth of life Vomit of my pores with which I am rife In my crepitated pits bacteria thrive Momentarily subdued by this morbid dive Cadaverous fats boiled into soap for a rotten lather Ensanguine mix of excreta and chyme, the cleanser I have gathered Putrescent spilth and human chum squab over the lip of my tub Soaking in the dead, skeletal remains exfoliate and scrub A cauldron teeming with wasted corse This mortal soiled with pus and remorse Out, out damned spot, caught red-handed, blood stains so hard to clean Arteries pumping crimson kelter, veins to expunge and ream A babe from the womb untimely ripped, bereft of life, it's squeezed and drained Placenta sponging at this corporeal form of which I am ashamed Basted organs Sebacious glands Cooked in a vat For a blood bath Scour away integument to reveal the fleshy tendons that I'll Abrase with cholic acid and with a solvent composed of bile Scrub out my gullet with a pro-septic wash that will Erase this mired being to be drained with the rest of the swill Post-mortem spew and excrement garnish the mort bouillon Meliorated with moldered viscera in my dead body lotion The necro-emetic concoction, effervescing with unctuous suds Desoils me of my besmirched existence, submerged in a basin of blood Blood bath

Album ultima melodie versuri muzica muzica straina Blood Bath versuri mp3. Impaled melodiei cuvintele melodia descarca versurile.

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